Cast-Designer LT

Economic Simulation Solution for Casting

Flexible Financial Plan

30 Days
6 Months
12 Months
$599 $3,600
Only $3,299
Only $5,999
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No Entry Fee: 15 days free trial!
3 business plans for different license period.

Cast-Designer LT

is not only a light version of Cast-Designer, but also a new concept developed to increase the usability of numerical simulation for casting business.
Easy to Use
Powerful and Accurate
Economic Solution

Easy to Use

  • Learning curve
    Very limited training, half day to start the work.
  • User
    No high technical complexity and no needs of qualified staff.
  • Operation
    Only need 4 simple steps from opening the model to analyze the results.

Support Casting Process

  • HPDC
  • LPDC
  • Gravity
    Gravity Casting
    ● Sand Casting
    ● Permanent Mould
  • Investment
    Investment Casting

Support all Components of Casting Process


Fully Automatic Mesh Generation

  • FEM base mesh for complex geometry
  • Automatic geometry repair
  • Hexahedron mesh
  • Fully automatic mesh generation

Powerful Setup

  • Template setup
  • HTC & IHTC
  • Control parameters
  • Material Database


    Rich Thermal

    Analysis Result

    Reliable Flow Simulation Result

    • Flow pattern
    • Velocity
    • Vector
    • Gas entrapment
    • Particle tracing
    • ...


    C3P software training and support includes access to global experts, private consulting, seminars, web training, as well as workbooks, videos and other materials.

    The C3P Software team is also available online through our contact page or Skype for any questions you may have.



    Model size

    As an entry level product, the model size of Cast-Designer LT was limited to 150,000 elements of all.

    If you need remove this limetiation, please contact to C3P Software for a business proposal to upgrade to Cast-Designer professional version.



    to Cast-Designer professional

    Same file format
    Same database
    Easy to migrate

    DFM analysis
    Gating system design
    Stress and deformation analysis
    Micro-structure analysis